Monday, January 19, 2015


Months have passed now since I decided to start my own blog. Well, nothing happened in those few months. I have to admit, procrastinating is somewhat my second name, but only in terms of homework, taking out the organic waste or other things I dislike. Creating my own personal blog on the other hand should have been the uppermost in my mind, as I was as keen as mustard after following bloggers from around the world for quite some time and being blasted by the eloquent language they utilised and the cool stuff they posted on their blogs (e.g. food, fashion). I was even fangirling/stalking their twitter, tumblr and instagram accounts (private ones included!!) on a daily basis.                                                                                                                                                      
In fact, the most terrific thing is that behind every blog there is a human being who is just exactly like you and me. A real person with friends and family, hobbies and the same struggles of life we all are facing day by day;just a person that is sharing their thoughts with the world.

It has always been fun and a pleasure for me to write down my thoughts, to share photos and experiences and to capture certain moments in whatever way. 
As I discovered blogs for the first time (with discovered I mean the first time to really delve into it and not just the odd flicking through), I realized that creating a blog could actually be the perfect opportunity to combine the numerous cravings of mine and to put everything into it what goes through my mind.

So what made me procrastinate it so long? What made me wait until now?

Well, as ridiculous as it may sounds, it was the name that took me so long.

I was crushed by like a thousand times, because my blog address suggestions were all already taken by inactive users who uploaded their latest post (and sometimes it was even their first) between 2003 and 2006. After this sad scenario repeating incessantly often, I started to develop some disappointment-induced trauma and at some point I didn`t even dare to try out another suggestion.

But then it came to me: just like I am having fun with writing about random stuff , why shouldn`t my blog´s name resemble exactly that? A blog that contains stuff like fashion outfits, food props, music playlists or anything else that is going through my mind; a blog that does not necessarily follow a common theme...that is what I call `haphazardly`.

I`m William, an 18 year old boy from Germany, who decided to start a blog.

I hope you will like it.

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