Friday, February 20, 2015

Frankfurt x Film

Those spontaneous decisions are always the best. Whenever it comes to shopping, to food or to lazy afternoons at the riverside, Frankfurt, with its diversity and loveliness, never lets you down.
Hence, this saturday actually couldn't have been spent more wisely, par for the course. It was bitterly cold that day, but with the gradual incalescence of February's sun, outside air temperatures weren't that much of a problem. On the contrary, it were those excruciating hot flushes that afflicted me upon entering a building and which made me wanna rip off all my clothes, just to dive headfirst into the icy waters of the Main river.
Even though this was my hundredth visit to Frankfurt, there was still something new to discover. This time, I came across  a small supermarket that selled Japanese groceries as well as freshly-prepared Korean delicatessen, for example Korean Bibimbap and several Matcha desserts (currently dying to visit Japan).
My addiction for Matcha is real and insatiable. I think my social environment is more than concerned of my obsession with Matcha, but I don't care. It tastes good, it smells good and it feels good. 
Don't ask how long it took me to cope with the fact that I had just found my new local heaven (really, don't). 
I also paid my first visit to cos and hopefully not my last in the near future, as I really like their clothes (I think I'm in love). But not being able to actually buy the clothes you fall in love with after trying them on is certainly a bitter pill to swallow. I guess that's the most ferocious perk of being broke... 

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