Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Eyo *pop eyes emoji* , I can't actually couch in terms how fast time is passing by lately. It starts with every single episode of Suits seeming to last only 4 minutes as there simply has been no limit in terms of devouring back-to-back episodes... But jokes aside, my days of school are finally counted and I must admit that I basically can't cope: it seems like the last day of school was always decades ahead but is yet so close.

Furthermore, being inspired by today's date and while indulging a not that well frothed bowl of Matcha, I made you guys a playlist with my favourite Arctic Monkey songs. Something to really just chill down and enjoy. I hope you will like it and have a nice 505 (even though the song is probably not referring to the date but rather to a hotel room lol).

Gif taken from Tumblr. Please feel free to comment if you know the original source.

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