Saturday, June 06, 2015

Vowels = Summer + Freedom

Guys! It´s official now! I`ve finished school, got my A-levels and on top of that, I am free now! This will probably be the only period of my life I can call myself a free person. After some crazy shit went down on Tuesday when I had my last exam, I immediately went out wih a friend to celebrate (drinking different kinds of lemonade IS a way to celebrate, okay?!). The soothing waves of freedom slowly drifted into our minds and we just couldn`t stop smiling and laughing. I like this feeling of freedom and what it makes me like. I also like the fact that there is nothing big I need to tackle in the next few weeks (Make way for asexual sweatpants-outfits and at least 8 back to back episodes of the latest TV shows everyday!).

Furthermore, summer has arrived in Germany (at least for the next two days) and the temperatures are appropriate for wearing shorts (in my opinion this opportunity is given like only three times  a year here, ugh), which is why my happiness is even more emphasized.

I also uploaded my new summer themed playlist, so please enjoy and let me know what you think! 

Happy Friday! 


  1. You are so special boy, i've put your blog on my reading list after i read some of your articles. I JUST LOVE IT! Go on and follow your spirit william.
    P.s. I like the way you write ugh so often ;)

    1. Hey,
      I`m really happy and glad that you like my blog! I definitely will!
      Thank you and have a nice weekend :)