Monday, October 26, 2015

An angle of 90 degrees.

Maybe it are the mountains that rise up like a barrier to seal this mystic place off from the hustle and bustle in Taipei or maybe it's just me being affected by Faust's over-sensitive perception again, but when going through these photos I feel like having been in another world that bizarrely lies  within the  limits of  the vibrant yet diverse Taipei Metropolitan Area.

By "being in another world when going through the photos" I really mean it (!) as we had the luck :-) of going on a sunday when tourist activities are on its peak (escaping with bruises and long queing times included). Nevertheless visiting the Shifen Waterfall was a redemption for itself. I couldn't help myself when seeing the water incessantly pouring down in an angle of 90 degrees (well almost...) or when hearing the water beating against the ubiquitous sandstones (Shifen desu I would probaly say when standing in front of you right now).

Not far from the waterfall, there is a small village with  an Old Street that is famous for its Sky Lanterns. Everyone is able to write down his wishes or desires and the lantern is then released into the endless wides of the sky.
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