Sunday, October 11, 2015

within city limits.

One saturday in September I went to Yangmingshan. To be more precise, I visited Taipei's Yangmingshan National Park.  You may wonder now what crazy shit I am writing here, but it's true: there is a national park within the city limits of Taipei. And it's huge.
Well, most people think of Taipei as a concrete jungle full of high-rise buildings and vast streets and vast streets and high-rise buildings, but in fact only little people notice the mystic and yet so idyllic side of Taipei which is actually visible from nearly every spot within the city (= the mountains that surround it).
This certain place, called Dinghu (頂湖), is located at the northern city borders of Taipei and is just like the capital itself  situated in a basin. This means circumambient mountains, loitering clouds and natural phenonemons (e.g. 小油坑) are reachable within a few footsteps.   
Dinghu is easily reachable by bus (108 to Zhuzihu Police Station) and offers plenty of lunch opportunities as well.
The area is shaped by incessant rain and grey clouds filled with tons of moist that are brought by the prevailing northeasterly winds. Therefore green is flourishing and the woods seem to be like the of a rain forest.
Taipei City has many faces. This is one of it.
Wanna join me when exploring another one?

Photos taken on a Canon A-1 Film LSR , ISO400

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