Monday, March 14, 2016


有時候人生就像一場跨欄比賽; 尤其是當你在追求你的夢想時!剛才跨過上一個阻礙,另一個就在後頭等著你。因此忘掉一下所有的問題和煩惱真的是一件非常舒壓且幸福的事!

Sometimes in life just everything comes together and you see nothing else than even more barriers to climb over in order to get closer to your goals. So even though if it's just for a few minutes and especially in those periods where you just seem to almost drown, temporarily forgetting everything can be one of the most calming and relaxing things. For me, this state of ultimate piece was achieved yesterday evening while lying in bed and listening top the sound of heavy rain dropping on Taipei's infamous iron gratings and to the soft and relaxing tunes of HONNE.
Running away is never a solution, but in these circumstances it just feels so good...

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