Wednesday, April 06, 2016



In Taiwan, there is no spring, only summer and winter! While I remember that last  week  was still kind of chilly, I am already sweat dripping as I'm  writing this post. Taipei's weather is really not easy to comprehend! But  anyways, this was the call to quickly get out my summer wardobe again and enjoy! 
I don't know whether it is the sweating on hot days that somehow deserts my "bad mood cells" via the process of osmosis or some other unknown reason, but I tend to fell much more happy and vivicious (not to forget  more crazed) when its all hot and humid! (Suspect A shows signs of masochism as well...)


Haven't posted my current good vibe for so long now, which is why I hope you enjoy this one while preping yourself for the even hotter days to come!

Photos were taken by Ann Liao (HeyLiao!) on a Canon A-1 film camera with ISO 200 film.

Trousers and Top by DNA, Socks by Champion, Shoes Nike RoosheRun

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