Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Summer in Berlin






I remember when I was little the owner of the breakfast shop downstairs my grandma's flat would always tell me to treasure and value our precious time, as no money in the world can ever turn it back.

It was only until I became an adolescent that I actually understood what she was telling me. We often focus on our future plans or simply on things we do not have because we consider them as more joyful.  Therefore, we neglect the here and now - in many cases even the piece of happiness that is right in front of our eyes. The following remorse of "not living the moment" , which lingers just around the corner, is of corse too late then.

I feel like it's not always easy to focus on the now, but if we do success and treasure the moment, life is much more uncomplicated and satisfying, no matter if one is traveling (like me here in the photos) or studying (which I am trying to get into lately....). 


Below, you can also find a new playlist I created, as there wasn't any for what felt like ages. 
I hope  you will be enjoying it as much as I do (and await spring as much as I do as well....)!

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