Friday, May 29, 2015

Dark Rinse

Sincere apologies for the unintended hiatus. Its not that I`m not in the mood of blogging - on the contrary - I simpy feel like having no time for it which is so sad! time is flying by dauntingly fast and so much is going on in my life at the moment: 
even though I just finished school, I am still in the midst of my oral A-level exams. While trying to manage the balancing act between studying and working, the time that is left is used for sleeping or rhapsodizing about Matcha *heart eyes emoji*.
But well, there is hope! 5 days are dividing the current me and the probably freest (is that correct?) me of my whole lifetime and wow am I ready for this new me! Of course this is only an ideal conception as I probably will be caught in a post-stress-syndrom again...sigh.

The outfit below is from a shoot which took place on a gloomy day in April. I visited my good friend in the countryside and after hour-long talks about everything and anything, we decided to go out for a walk. I love the contrast between the flourishing green meadow, the grey sky and my dark rinse Hollister jeans. Afterwards we had a barbeque with hands-down the best spelt pattys in the world.
God, how I love these kind of days....

Wearing: Hollister jeans, Topman jumper, Nike Air, Schola Thomana tote bag

Photos by: Michelle Bach with my Canon A-1 Film-LSR

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