Monday, June 08, 2015


"Boundary (pl.boundaries): Old French, the dividing line or location between two areas."

Mankind is always apiring. Let it be a typical day-to-day goal or self-fulfilment, but we are always aspiring after something. Sometimes though,  it happens that we are streched to our limits. We find ourselves at a boundary and simply back off as we can`t imagine going even further and cross the borderline. Backing off is also the easier and more comfortable way, but in the end we often regret having surrendered so quickly. 
Have you ever noticed that these boundaries are only boundaries if we define them as one?  We think that we are not capable of crossing the border; the border that hinders us from growing and coming even closer to achieving our goal. But actually we are! We just need to confidently believe in ourselves and the things we are doing while not letting this obstacle bothering us. Believe me, it may seem harder than it sounds but in the end when lookingback, you will realize that  the boundary you feared so much, actually was never boundary...

Camera: Konica C35EF3 with an ISO 400 film

Location: Point Alpha, Hesse/Thuringian border

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