Friday, July 31, 2015

Turning Tides.

Time is literally flying and I can`t help myself with the fact that time is actually not flying fast enough. The past few months have been a single act of planning and jittering: I had to sort some things out, finish some others, decide what was going to come next in my life now that I had finished school, which is why talking about things on the blog that were still hanging in the balance was much to my dislike. Today - on the other side - I feel confident enough to give the first details concerning my upcoming adventure, which is basically just around the corner.
I´m leaving Germany, I´m leaving the place that has treated so well the past years, and  I´m leaving the beloved people that kept me comfortable at any situation I could imagine. Well actually, I´m not really leaving home, as I will be moving back to Taiwan next week, which is my home, too. 
Even though I have been living in Taiwan before, I still feel like the upcoming months will be a time of wandering and exploring. But with exploring/wandering I am not only including my ancestral roots and the different shades of Taiwan, but also myself. 
"Myself" - how must that sound - because I hope that with leaving my old enviroment, I have the chance to find my own self by getting to know myself a little bit better in a place that has more opportunities to offer and where I can grow stronger and more independent. 
To be specific, I will move to Taipei. The place I love most and with which I feel deeply connected. It literally is a dream coming true for me and I am more than happy that everything worked out in the end. The city with its atmosphere and people is unique and has always had a special place in my heart. Looking forward to everything this city has to offer, I´m curious of what this city will bring for my blog. I am open to everything, so stay tuned for the stuff that will be online in the next couple of months! Are you as excited as I am?

For those who are curious of what I will be doing in Taiwan, I am starting a voluntary service at an elementary school in the Taipei area. A good friend told me about her plans for a  voluntary service in Bolivia. This was the time I applied for the adventure which is only a few days away now (I actually applied not presaging I would even  get accepted). I feel so lucky!
I will also be able to spend more time with my grandmother who is living in Taipei and who I saw much too less in the past years. This is another aspect I am so grateful for *happy face*.
The organisation which is planning and organizing all the things connected to my voluntary service is called ICYE. It has partners all over the world creating a huge network of volunteer programs. I cannot express how grateful I am for the organisation, their meticulous preparations and the people I got to know while at the preparation camp. 
All this warmth and care I received, make my fears and doubts grow smaller and smaller. Thank you, ICYE!

Having said this, I hope you will be coming with me on my journey 'back home' to Taiwan by keep reading the updates on my blog regarding my voluntary service and everything else that is about to come! 
I´m feeling motivated and I´m ready; ready for everything that is about to come!

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