Sunday, December 27, 2015

Instameet Taipei: 3

It's been a while since I last uploaded my space, but I'm back just in time for Christmas. I guess I'm getting into the holiday spirit after all, despite the "Christmas-unfriendly" circumstances here in Taiwan (cue extra work/sleep deprivation). Why say so? Well, because I can't get my head off from thinking about which TV show to watch back to back  next (any suggestions?)....

Anyways, these photos were taken in October at the third official Instameet in Taipei. What a fun day with so many amazing and talented people. The last 4 years have brought so many new ideas and people into my life, for which I'm unspeakably thankful.

雖然台北沒有什麼人在過聖誕節,但我還是被那個假期feel被包容了 (真的不知道是怎麼搞的)。而且我最近一直在思考接下來到底要瘋狂地看那一部連續劇,跟去年在德國過聖誕一模一樣!(只少了假和雪)

如下的這些照片是10月去參加台北Instameet 3的時候拍的。非常感謝這四年來Instagram讓我認識和了解那麼多不同樣的人以及發想。

What a year! New year is just around the corner again. I hope  you'll all have a good start into 2016 :) ! 

好快一年又要過了。希望大家都可以有一個美好的2016 !

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  1. Hello, Your photos are just fascinating! And also I love the aesthetic of your blog. I would like to ask, what photo camera did you use while taking these beautiful photos? Thanks for your answer. :)

  2. Hey Elena, I'm really glad you like them! I used a Canon A1 film camera with ISO 200 film :)
    Have a nice day!