Tuesday, June 06, 2017

on hiatus.

但是本來早就想發這些照片了,可是因為我之前好像一直在按照『一季一篇』的發文模式就想說這次依舊按照該節律上傳文章 (乾笑)。

至於柏林的天氣,久違的春(夏)天終於降臨了。外頭風和日曬,溫暖和煦,而樹枝也長出翠綠的葉子了。這畫面真是令人賞心悅目。而且 ,我最喜歡的皮衣也終於看見它今年的第一道曙光。



Having planned this particular post for months now, it is not until now that these photos see the light of the day (it is actually 1 am as I'm writing this).

The weather in Berlin has finally turned warm, the trees became green and the odd overcast sky of Berlin has made way for a crystal blue sky.  It is no wonder that my friends always tell
me to enjoy the summer to the fullest, "as it is the only time of the year, where there is quality of life in this city".

One more reason to take out your leather jackets and enjoy the pleasant temperatures at one of Berlin's many exciting hotspots or while making plans for the summer at a cool cafe place :P
Be excited for more!

                                                                                           Photos were taken by Viola Hui with a Canon A-1 film camera with ISO 200 film.

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