Hey, I'm William. but you can also call me Liam or Zi-Chen if you like. As half German, half Taiwanese, I am currently  living in Berlin.
What has only been a thought for a long time, has become reality in my last year of high school as I decided to start my own blog. Not only to share all kinds of stuff  but also in hope of creating cool and creative stuff.
I warmly welcome you to my little internet home here, and if I could, I would offer you a bowl of Matcha or some Wagashi....

嗨,我是黃子宸,但很多人都會叫我William. 母親是台灣人,父親來自德國。我目前居住於德國柏林。
還在讀高中的時候,我一直都很想創作關於自己的興趣和想法的部落格。沒想到, 到了2015的某一個寒冷一月天就真的實現了此心願。
歡迎觀看, 也希望你會喜歡我的小網站!
如果你剛好在我家的話, 我可能會請你喝一碗熱熱的抹茶或者吃一顆小小的和菓子....