Friday, August 21, 2015

denim daze.

These photos were taken in July during preparation camp back in Germany (all my blogposts are experiencing a one month lag between shooting date and posting date at the moment), when temperatures were kind of chilly  compared to the almost nudity-legal ones in Taipei.
Yes. Taipei. I have officially arrived here in Taipei last saturday and once again I feel like I fell in love with this city within seconds. 
But back on topic: whenever seeing the  denim jacket I'm wearing down below at the back of my closet, I can't help myself but reminiscing the wonderful time I had during my preparation camp.  I miss those awesome and unconditionally open-minded people with whom discussing and laughing about anything and everything was just so easy and with whom 10 days of knowing each other felt like 10 years of close tied friendship. I think it's very rare that I have ever felt so comfortable and undisguised.
Well, I have always been a sucker for people with whom I can have philosophical conversations or profound discussions with....

"Was guckst du?" (German for "what are you looking at?")
                                                                                            Trying to keep up with the leaf-selfie trend.
There is a denim jacket crying at the back of my closet.
Exploring the streets of Witzenhausen.
Playing cards on the ground.
"Korean" sister
"collar popped like Cantona"

Wearing: Primark denim jacket, H&M jeans, Cos square neck tee, Birkenstock slip-ons

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