Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Early sunsets.

Hello from hot and humid Taiwan! I have arrived safely on Tuesday. I`m still in the midst of arrival camp down in Tainan, which is why this is only going to be a quick music update, as I haven`t posted a playlist for almost two months now. 
This playlist is "early sunset"- themed. You have to understand that in Taiwan sun sets comparatively early in summer, for example it`s already pitch black outside at 7 pm. Since childhood summerdays in Taiwan, early sunsets were always much to my liking as for me they (somewhat) resemble relief from the days heat.
I have no clue why, but these few songs, when played, always induce pictures of a sunset in Taiwan in my head. Weird or what?
Anyway, hope you enjoy it and have a lovely evening (hehe).

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