Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Impressions du Xinyi.

Xinyi Shopping Area. What was once unwanted swamp land, roughly inhabited by some aboriginal tribes, is now the flourishing center of both commercial and economic sectors of Taipei. I remember that when I was little and visited Taipei 101 (at that time still the tallest building in the world) almost the whole area consisted of parking lots with cars parking haphazardly between the demarcation lines. 
Today shopping centers are piling themselves and skyscrapers are mushrooming up inbetween the large roads and there is a certain feeling of strolling through an American downtown. Not for no reason Taipei's Xinyi District is now considered as The Place To Be. Of course, this is not to be generalised. There are much more places to go, to hang out with friends and to shop, places that in my opinion are even richer in atmosphere.
I'm currently planning to do a series of posts where I introduce my favourite places in Taipei so stay tuned and enjoy these photos of  Xinyi I took with my film camera.

Photos taken with a Canon A-1 Film-LSR

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