Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A都市の秋. Loosely tanslated by me, it means something like A metropolis' autumn or Autumn in a metropolis.  Not sure how to translate this song title  properly as I am not speaking any Japanese nor I am able to understand anything that is sung about in this song, but for an obscure reason, I love this song so damn much. When walking through the streets of Taipei, headphones in, wide trousers on and the comfortable wind of autumn on my skin, I feel utterly content. It's like living the moment. Feeling it. Breathing it.
For me, this is real happiness. Happiness in its most simple way. Happiness that is drawn from the here and now, from little things that happen around us everyday. We are so focused on our goals and dreams or pulled down by the bad things in our life that we often do not realise that there is happiness and contentment waiting for us just around the corner, even if it is only lasting as long as the duration of a song we like.

Photos by the lovely 羅婉娟 and taken on a Canon A-1 Film-LSR

Wearing: Nobleza tee, DAZED trousers, Birkenstock slippers

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