Sunday, September 20, 2015

'roids in KHH.

After what felt like ages, I'm back with an all new outfit post. And even though these photos  were taken like ages ago as well, this outfit and furthermore this day deserve acknowledgement. So let me first say something about this outfit: on sunny and hot days like this, where everything seems to inflame that is directly exposed to five minutes of pure sunlight (or to be precise UV), it's important to wear airy but protecting clothes. Hence the wide (not that skintight) jeans from NET and a plain white T-shirt (and of course a thick layer of sunscreen). I topped up this look with sneakers I bought for 5€ in the supermarket (yes, I won't deny this) and some sunglasses from RayBan which I idolise for their timeless design and their good quality.
As I already mentioned, this day was a really special one because (throwback to ICYE Taiwan arrival camp last month in Tainan) we visited the southern metropolis of Taiwan, Kaohsiung. It was such a beautiful time we had: laugther, fun, lovely conversations and of course lovely people! Not forgetting to mention that I fell for the city in just a few hours, especially because of its growing alternative and creative scene at The Pier-2 art center. If you would like to read more about what we did on this certain day, you can click here to read the ICYE blog about this day written by me (English version only).

Wearing: NET jeans and backpack, H&M tee, Aldi sneakers, Ray Ban sunnies

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