Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trees at Fujin Street.

It was hot that day. Really. Hot. Not only like the heat in which you are likely to catch fire when rushing from one shadowy place to another to minimize direct insolation (and  unfiltered UV rays, but also like the heat that is filled with 140% of moist which makes your body liquefy even when not moving (chemical term: transition of personal state of matter). But nevertheless, I faced the 36 degree weather in all black clothes (the masochist you know) and explored the green and creative Fujin Street in Taipei's Songshan District. Being a real alley of trees, Fujin Street gives an impression of comfortable urban living with greenery and concrete seemingly cooperating which results in an impression of standing in a little European town. This fact, the little shops and cafes that are owned by creative souls and the unique architecture make up the perfect afternoon stroll, if you are up for some tranquility in a hustling and bustling metropolitan area.      

Photos taken on a Canon A-1 Film-LSR

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