Wednesday, November 13, 2019





Since I've been little, I always loved summertime in Taipei the most. The humid air, the sun burning from the sky and all that. Yep, I was that humidity loving freaky child. But lets be honest: the feeling of temperatures dropping after a long and humid summer is pleasure and sorrow at the same time. Ok, your body is not in the constant state of osmosis anymore, but grey skies and cool winds, just feel strange and depressing after a while. It feels like the high spirits of that hot sunny day just got blown away and leave behind this heavy feeling of reality saying "i've bet you thought you'd seen the last of me :P". 

I guess thats just the cycle of life, right? So here I tell myself (and you), listen to the Japanese playlist of mine, drink some tea and then stand up and face reality. The next summer is just around the corner! 

Below you'll find some photos I took this October in Taipei. Enjoy!

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