Thursday, January 22, 2015

My diurnal playlist.

Throughout the day, music is my sound friend. There is always a certain song that keeps me comfortable and that fits my mood like a smooth leather gloove fits my hand. 
Music epitomizes the one who listens, the one who cheers you up, the one who makes you just wanna dance and be happy and the one who helps you to relive certain moments and the feelings you felt back then. 

During the last few weeks, I realized that I keep adjusting songs to the different activities I do. 
What I'm trying to say is, that I have certain songs I predominantly listen to at bedtime for instance or while walking home from school in the afternoon. 

I tried to put some of my favourite songs into an order that is supposed to follow the diurnal progress of a random day, which was not that easy in the end (believe me, I got stuck in decision paralysis several times while choosing the songs).
In the following, I tried to connect the songs with certain situations and their  impact on the certain activity. 
I also added some covers of the artists included in my playlist. Enjoy!

(This playlist is also my current blog playlist, which starts automatically upon entering my blog via computer, but will be renewed soon.)

1.) 李榮浩-李白
Imagine the sun is shining, while you are slowly awaking out of you slumber. The soft sun rays are making their way through your shutters, directly into you   room, giving you motivation to face the day. You get up and start to get ready for work, uni or school. 

2.) Sky Ferreira-Everything is Embarrasing (Krystal Klear Remix)
Being happy that you mastered the tough part of the day with the good mood of the morning , you are on your way home from school/work now. This song only fuels your good mood and you start to get into some dance moves. Plans are made for the night. 

3.) 李榮浩-都一樣
At home, while doing the irksome chores or while studying, your good mood suddenly drops. You feel exhausted and exceptionally tired, causing you to lie down and procrascinate. 

4.) Dusky-Yoohoo
As the evening arrives, your dancy vibe comes back. You meet up with your best friends and visit a club together. Good times are spent there (hour long dance sessions and candid laughter included). 

5.) Grimes-Circumambient
Rain sets in as you decide to leave. The taxi company you are trying to reach desperately is busy, which makes you walking home. 
The craving for your cozy bed lets you forget the rain and everything else that is happening around you. You walk as fast and as keen as a gearbox is incessantly rattling.

6.) devil_e_so_marko-오해
Finally the crave of lying in one's own bed is fulfilled. Thoughts about your own life are digging their way up to the surface and you start to think of what you could have done better and what you are aiming for in life. This is actually the most profound part of your day.

7.) Grimes-Be a Body
The weariness is overmastering you and your conscious. Slow but steady you are sucked into the oblivion of your dreams.

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