Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Summer 2014 Photo Diary Part 1: Taipei

ALERT! Major onslaught of photos from last summer down below, that can easily vault you into a "January blues"-mood, if you are susceptible to get caught in nostalgia just like me.
Even though several months have passed now, I am still holding on to these wonderful weeks spent in Taipei. The food, my family, the weather... everything was just perfect. I miss those lazy mornings with juicy chunks of mango for breakfast, the moist-heat intensified by the burning sun (call me a masochist, but I just love it), those bumpy busrides through Taipei at night and the strolls through Ximending and "THE PLACE TO BE" (Taipei 101/Xinyi District). Of course, the list can be continued, but I don't wanna bore you with places and things you actually are at loose ends with. Hence just see for yourself while scrolling through the photo-spam...
But one more thing about Taipei that just intensifies my crave to spend as much time as possible there: Convenience. Public transport in Taipei is literally the bomb diggity bomb bomb! Every single spot is reachable through either the MRT or one of the innumerable bus lines.  Added to that, on virtually every street corner there is an "always open" convenience store (e.g. 7-Eleven, Family Mart or sometimes even a traditional night market with local street food) which make nocturnal hunger-crusades appeasable.
After having spent so many happy moments in Taipei, the happiest and most fulfilling one actually couldn`t really be caught on camera: lying in bed, headphones on with Lorde`s Pure Heroine on replay whilst watching the red sky of the night covering the city and feeling this utter contentment.
Aren`t those the moments we live for?

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