Friday, February 06, 2015

Summer 2014 Photo Diary Part 2: Hong Kong

You are cordially invited to smack me right into my face. Why? Well, because I have commited the biggest sin a tourist visiting Hong Kong is able to commit:
Whilst not being capable of recalling the reason that lead to this sad fact (which is probably good as it would just trigger my self-hatred concerning the "dim sum sin") my desire of visiting Hong Kong again as soon as possible is getting bigger and bigger every day. Thus I'm trying to rekindle the happiness felt during the four days spent in this hustling, bustling city via photos.
Hong Kong is such a densely populated spot, but yet a city where different worlds collide.
On the one hand, you have those rural islands with wooden temples surrounded by a thicket of trees and on the other hand, more high-rise buildings/skyscrapers than you can even imagine.
I love the omnipresent neon signs you get overwhelmed by when walking through the urban area at night and the endless MTR corridors with those turbo-speed escalators. It seems that the escalators are somewhat adjusted to the peoples` lifestyle in HK: never-ending rush. Or maybe it is all just a chimera of mine, but anyways, my love for this city is ineffable.
Not only is the city extraordinary, but also our accomodation: the famous and claustrophobia-inducing Chungking Mansions. Staying there is literally an adventure for itself, which is why I think I will do a seperate post on this sometime.
Whilst in Hong Kong, I had the chance to meet my wonderful friend Viola and despite our busy schedules and the little time we had, we managed to meet in Mongkok for a stroll through the Ladies Market, some egg waffles and a really nice talk! 
Not less wonderful was our day trip to Macao. The cityscape with its ancient buildings dating back to the Portugese colonialisation and the numerous Casinos  is simply amazing. I will never forget that one certain part of our busride from "The Venetian" back to the Ferry Terminal : me scrutinizing the rain drop interspersed window with the glowing night scape of Macao's skyline in the background, whilst crossing the seemingly endless Ponte da Amizade....

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