Sunday, March 22, 2015

A pair of jeans.

Lately I have been really bad at updating this space (content-wise). Partly because I'm still in the midst of my final exams and also because editing and customizing small bits of the blog eat up that little amount of time left for blogging. 
But once my exams are done, I will post more frequently and above all more meaningful content (I promise)! 

As spring has already arrived, this post shot a few weeks ago when it was still cold, is not quite up to date. But provided winter dares a final desperate onset this outfit will be capable of fighting it bravely! 
Wearing flared jeans at such cold temperatures is actually a death sentence: icy winds just get beneath your trousers and directly into your bones, which is why skinny jeans on the other hand that cling to your legs are the perfect measure to avoid this kind of  tantalizingness. 
I think I literally wore this outfit 10 days out of a month this winter, because it's just so comfortable and  warming. Moreover, nobody seemed to notice that I was wearing the same things day by day so there was basically no reason to do otherwise...
Sadly my Topman jumper knew how to avoid the camera, but well sooner or later he will be included in an upcoming outfit anyway (*insert devil emoji here*).

Wearing: Hollister jeans, Topman jumper, Klondike boots, Cedar Wood State jacket, NET bagpack

Photos by: Sophie Eckerscham and me with my Canon A-1 Film-LSR and Konica C35EF3 

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