Monday, March 30, 2015


When feeling stressed and raddled from the exhaust fumes that life seems to emit incessantly, a certain place that somehow makes you to be at peace with your mind - even if only for a while - is the greatest gift someone can wish for. 
I believe that there are many of those "havens" on our planet (particularly Japanese Zen gardens...OMG)  and provided one is able to open up and let place bound feelings and everything that belongs to it affect your mind, every conceivable spot can be a haven.
But enough now with this spirituality stuff.... I for my part found a place that I can proudly call my personal haven (spoiler: it gets furry now!!!).

Up on mountain saddle in a hilly area called Rhön, my father owns a restaurant with an adjacent stable. Far away from urban pollution, we have 6 cute donkeys who live there, spending there days with incessant hay-eating, cuddling and being caressed (tempting life, huh?). 
But apart from those dainty animals, there is this calmness in the air that just makes this place unique. On a clear day the sky's blue is of unutterable beauty and just don't let me start with the astonishing views you get because otherwise I will immedeatly start to cry...

Photos shot by me with my  Canon A-1 Film-LSR

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