Saturday, July 04, 2015

Iimori - Japanese Patisserie and Restaurant

My day in Frankfurt with my friend Laura was not just about shopping and strolling along the Main river, but also (mostly) about food.  So after savouring pasta at Vapiano, we decided to try out some Japanese pastry at the Japanese patisserie Iimori, which happens to also be a restaurant. The patisserie itself is located near the famous Römer/Paulskirche area in downtown Frankfurt and is easily accessible via tram. 
When entering, dozens of pastry and tarts on the left hand side immediatly strike the customers eye. The second thing one will notice is the imposing interior design which reminded me of little Parisian cafés in Montmatre. 

Not really knowing what to choose as there was simply to much to choose from, we opted for a Green Tea and a Citrus tart as well as a green tea doughnut. To my delight Iimori does also serve Matcha latte which I ordered immediatly (I almost cried when I saw this on the menu as it was the first place I've been to in Germany that served it).

The Green Tea tart was bombastic in taste as the sweet taste of the Adzuki bean topped flan case was neutralized by the rich Green Tea cream above giving the tart a balanced and well structured flavour that actually made me wanting to eat an additional piece (ugh). The Citrus tart was very delicious and not sickingly sweet as well while the Green Tea doughnut was a tad dry to be honest. 
Well, Laura and I entered Iimori with high expectations and to our surprise, it even turned out better than we thought. Blemishes like high prices aside, this patisserie with its Parisian atmosphere is very lovely and offers high quality pastry, which is rich in flavour and meticulously prepared.


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