Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Lately I have rediscovered the colour black for myself and with rediscover I mean wearing it everywhere and everyday after not having touched  a single piece of black cloth in years (suits excluded). Black is now not only appearing in most of my outfits it also substitutes more and more colours I used to wear (long story short: "all black" is the real deal). 
Being a kid that loves heat and humidity (masochist me) I have no restrains when wearing long black trousers and a black top at an outside air temperture of 30+ degrees. This is why I love this Angelina Jolie GIF where she says "you weak people" in a psychotic way so much. Haha.

wearing: Zara leather jacket, Review longshirt, H&M jeans, NET backpack, Primark shoes

Photos by: Laura K├╝mpel

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