Sunday, February 21, 2016


That day, it was really comfortable and sunny in Taipei. In its so called “back garden”, Yilan, on the other hand, it rained. The whole day….
Nevertheless we decided to take a day trip to the rough and steep coast of Yilan in the east of Taiwan. To be more precise, we visited the sleepy  fishing village of Nanfang’ao. A place that is considered as one of the rainiest ones in Taiwan.
I couldn’t  have been happier with the weather, as I don’t know whether it was the incessant rain or the gloomy sky that gave this place a such calming and satisfactorily atmosphere.
Oh, and not to mention the view of mountains that steeply crush into the roaring waves of the endless Pacific ocean.

那天,臺北出大太陽,氣溫也超級舒適 (最愛秋高氣爽的天氣), 但在臺北的後花園 ,  宜蘭 , 竟然下了雨。 一整天…..

Photos were taken by my friend Urte and me on my Canon A1 Film-LSR and ISO 400 film.

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