Thursday, February 18, 2016

just william.

Thirteen months ago I decided to start my own blog. A space that should serve as my  save haven, where I could write down and share everything I felt like: my interests in fashion or music, my travel experiences or my things that were just going on in my life at that moment. 
This space - I prefer to call it my internet home - received the name Haphazardlyous. The name resembles the concept of this blog: something that has no real red line (eg. a fashion blog, a food blog...) but is more a connection of many different topics and interests. Something that goes into the blue. But over the course of the last months I felt outgrown from this name, not of the idea behind it but of the name that just struck up like a wall between the readers and the writer and brought some kind of anonymity to it (not to forget the dozens of misspellings).

What I want to say is, that I just felt like that it was time to set a change, to create something new but yet familiar in order to make this space more personal in what it is doing.
I will still post about what I am wearing, what I am listening to or what I am thinking or doing, but as William, a boy who is just trying to create some cool and creative stuff on this random internet space while facing the same little and big catastrophes life has to offer just as it does  for everyone else on this planet.

"In fact, the most terrific thing is that behind every blog there is a human being who is just exactly like you and me. A real person with friends and family, hobbies and the same struggles of life we all are facing day by day;a blogger is just a person that is sharing their thoughts with the world."  - taken from my first post ever

十三個月前我決定把我頭腦裡面的一些思想和生命中的某些興趣(服飾搭配,旅遊行程,音樂 等)透過部落格與大家分享。  此部落格後來被我取成Haphazardlyous。 雖然我好像沒有碰過任何第一次把它唸對的人,但總是非常喜歡它所表達的意思及概念。Haphazardlyous (黑普黑灑的里歐斯)其實是指『東一榔頭,西一棒子』的意思。也就是說內容不一定要集中在一方面上,而是隨意跟著著者的興致走。但這名字取久了之後就覺得它好像隔了一座牆在讀者及博客的中間,甚至使了我覺得此名稱不太妥當。


So apparently you will find me here from now on.  A warm welcome to you and please, feel free to drop a message about anything you like :) !

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